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Pharmacy Students Volunteer Their Skills at Flu Clinic for Claremont Colleges

Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) pharmacy students recently put their skills to work by providing vaccinations during the Claremont University Consortium’s annual flu clinic. Over five days, the School of Pharmacy students gave more than 150 flu shots to students and faculty from four of the undergraduate colleges—Scripps, Pomona, Harvey Mudd and Pitzer—as well as KGI.

Maya Maaz, PharmD ’18, organized the 19 student volunteers, while Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences David Ha served as their advisor and coordinated the participation of other KGI faculty members. According to Ha, so many second- and third-year pharmacy students wanted to help with the flu clinics that he couldn’t accommodate everyone who expressed interest.

“Our students are consistently energetic and eager to use the skills they develop in the classroom and sharpen their clinic skills,” Ha says. “This was also a way for students to get involved in health outreach initiatives and to give back to the Consortium schools.”

Both he and Dr. Jennie Ho, director of the Student Health Services, were pleased with the outcome of the KGI pharmacy students’ efforts. Their involvement made it possible to complete more immunizations—including every flu shot given during the Scripps College clinic hours. Ha was present to observe the students in action and says, “They’re extremely professional and very personable. And they’re very capable in their clinical skills.”

With this initial success, Ha anticipates that pharmacy students will assist with future flu clinics. He says, “I look forward to doing it again next year and in the years after that.”