Year: 2021-22

Company: Merck

Liaison(s): Bala Sreenivasan, Michael Krepps, Matthew Strohl

Merck & Co. is a leading, multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Kenilworth, NJ. Their focus is on oncology, vaccines, infectious diseases, and cardio-metabolic disorders for human therapeutics. Merck has been a market leader for over 130 years. Their supply chain is vast and sophisticated given its extensive, global reach. In this TMP, Merck divided the project into two segments within the Global Supply Chain: 1) The Creation of a Predictive Shipping Analytics Tool and 2) Generating a Competitive Intelligence for Autologous Products. We have divided this summary into two segments as well. The KGI team is gathering competitive intelligence on the key biopharma companies in the CGT space, particularly the companies that launched the 5 currently marketed autologous products. We were tasked with building case studies to assess key learnings on the supply chain strategies from each of the 5 marketed autologous product’s manufacturing capacities, supply chain distributions, and technology capabilities. In addition, the case study includes an overall market trend, CDMO manufacturing facilitates trends, financial investments made, and recommendations/next steps. The information gathered will help aid the development of a commercial and supply chain strategy for Merck.

To accomplish these objectives, the KGI team is conducting an in-depth analysis for each of the products, as well as using primary research gathered from last semester’s conference and secondary research to derive our trends and recommendations.