Year: 2015-16

Company: Boehringer Ingelheim

Liaison(s): Nina Kaus Samet Serdar Yildirim

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), is one of the world’s top 20
leading pharmaceutical companies. It was founded in
1885 by Albert Boehringer in Ingelheim, Germany, and
is still headquartered there. Key product areas for BI
include respiratory disease, metabolism, immunology,
oncology and diseases of the central nervous system.
The objectives and beliefs of BI can be summed up
in a single phrase: “Value through Innovation.” BI is
committed to improving the health of patients through
innovation and bringing innovative products to the
BI Biopharmaceuticals is interested in understanding
how to maintain and improve innovation in the
workplace. The company seeks to implement one-three
changes to the internal online innovation platform that
reflect the best practices in innovation management
across a variety of industries. The goals of these
changes are to increase usability and attractiveness
of the platform. These best practices should be based
upon current literature on innovation management, as
well as the first hand experiences of innovation leaders.
During the first semester of the project, the BI TMP
team conducted a literature review and primary
research interviews, to gain insight into different
innovation practices for global companies. Companies
interviewed varied across a variety of industries,
including biopharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer
electronics, and media organizations. After a careful
analysis of the results, the team designed three
implementation plans – based upon the gathered data
– that would enhance BI’s current innovation platform.
These improvements will be carried out in coordination
with BI innovation management team, with an end
goal of increasing platform usage across BI’s global
biopharma sites