Year: 2021-22

Company: Atara Bio

Liaison(s): Daniel Lee, Lily Ramirez

Atara Biotherapeutics is a biotechnology company developing ground breaking off-the shelf allogenic T-cell immunotherapies for patients suffering from cancer, certain autoimmune diseases, and serious viral infections. Atara’s mission is focused on transforming the lives of patients with serious medical conditions through pioneering science, teamwork, and commitment to excellence.

Atara’s TMP team has focused on two project applications. Project application one is based on Goals Cascades. This project is to identify and determine if there is a better way to track and manage annual team goals. We will investigate how updates are generated, integrate a cascade visibility to the Organization/Corporate goals, propose an enhanced methodology to track and manage goals, and utilize technology demos to create an innovated cascade system. The goal cascade system will help Atara understand the overall flow of projects.

The second project application is based on program/project-based work center teams (Daily Huddles). For this project we intend to determine what is the best way to facilitate Work Center Teams (WCTs), also known as Daily Huddles for Program/ Project based teams. As a team we will utilize the research gathered from the White paper and playbook to further research on a variety of features and components of best practices tool to further improve communication, workflow, and project progress.

Atara’s TMP team aims to provide essential resources to Atara Biotherapeutics to advance the company’s cross functional team communication, collaboration and success by creating features of continuous improvement strategies and frameworks, and project management.