Year: 2005-06

Company: Amgen

Liaison(s): Kate Farrell, Viola Kam

An optimal supply chain runs on the application of a total systems approach to manage the entire flow of information, materials, and services from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customer. Pharmaceutical companies constantly face tension meeting customer needs via their inventory production forecast. Research has shown that many pharmaceutical companies overproduce therapeutics by approximately double the estimated market need to ensure that demand is met. However, the current market demand, competitive price and profit margin calls for more accurate clinical forecasting and creation of metrics to measure efficiency. In an effort to realize these goals, the KGI team assessed the efficacy of the current clinical forecasting methods employed by Amgen, benchmarked these processes against industry, delivered a three-year forecasting model and made recommendations about system optimization. The team also helped develop and validate business strategies to maximize efficiency, improve forecasting accuracy, and hone information flow through Amgen’s Global Clinical Supply Chain Management (GCSCM) department.