Year: 2022-23

Company: Rousselot

Liaison(s): Jeff Daelman, Sarah Steenhaut

Rousselot is a world-leader in gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen for food, nutritional, and pharmaceutical application and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DArling Ingredients (NYSE: DAR). The biomedical division offers purified gelatins and modified gelatins (e.g., GelMA) that are suitable for in-body applications. Rousselot Biomedical is utilizing the KGI Team Master Project to better understand the current US market of biomedical device companies working with various biomaterials. The Rousselot Biomedical TMP team was tasked with the analysis of various market landscapes for potential indications of interest. To accomplish this objective, the Rousselot Biomedical TMP identified current and emerging markets for the biomedical applications of gelatin through primary and secondary research. Completion of this project has provided Rousselot with important information necessary to prioritize target product profiles and co- development opportunities. Additionally, the team conducted customer discovery via various channels and this information will help prioritize business development opportunities in selected markets.