Year: 2020-21

Company: Gilead Oceanside

Liaison(s): Brian Zedalis

Gilead has established high-throughput capabilities within each functional area to meet development timelines of the organization. As Gilead’s pipeline continues to grow, development teams should consider lab capacity and available resources, to ensure overall efficiency in their required deliverables. Lab equipment availability and asset utilization within each functional area is of focus in order to enable, in parallel, prioritized forecasting, planning, and execution of numerous project intakes.

The KGI team will help Gilead Oceanside create an integrated approach for expected project intake (scenario planning) that clearly maps out and links experimental work blocks in an end-to-end fashion across Cell Culture, Purification, and Analytical. A roadmap utilizing process flow diagrams that outlines capacity and resource requirements to enable timely development, will be developed through a detailed report and business tool. This tool will help facilitate the forecasting, planning, and execution of activities required within development workflows, based on lab capacity modeling and available resources. Potential bottlenecks and pinch points within labs will be identified, and recommendations made for optimized lab layouts or expansion to support continued growth.