Year: 2014-15

Company: Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Liaison(s): Eric Lai Dapo Tomori

Takeda Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical
company whose mission is “to strive towards
better health for people worldwide through leading
innovation in medicine.” Since its foundation in 1781,
Takeda has expanded and today markets its products
in 100 countries worldwide. As of 2013, Takeda was
the 13th largest worldwide pharmaceutical company
by revenue with 14 commercialized products and over
30,000 employees.
Takeda is strategically focused on four main
therapeutic areas: Central Nervous System (CNS),
Cardiovascular and Metabolic, Gastroenterology and
Oncology. Supporting these therapeutic areas, Takeda
is committed to provide marketing strategies which
use both traditional and more personalized medicine
approaches in order to provide value to physicians,
payers, and patients.
The Takeda TMP team was asked to explore
marketing opportunities in personalized medicine
and to develop a personalized medicine marketing
strategy for an important Takeda therapeutic drug. To
accomplish this objective, the Takeda TMP team first
completed a market landscape review which examined
personalized medicine marketing strategies across a
number of key therapeutic areas. After establishing
this foundation, the Takeda TMP team focused on
developing a marketing strategy for a proprietary
therapeutic drug currently commercialized by Takeda
Pharmaceuticals. Supporting this approach, the team
developed an economic analysis which clarifies the
potential financial opportunities for a specific Takeda
drug. Finally, the team completed a survey which
provided insight into personalized marketing strategies
for college and graduate students. Upon completion of
this project, the Takeda TMP team will provide Takeda
Pharmaceuticals with novel insight into a number
of personalized medicine marketing strategies which
might support and expand their marketplace for one of
their important therapeutic drugs.