Year: 2014-15

Company: Atom Inc.

Liaison(s): Andy Coy Dan Bradbury Kris Smolinski

Atom, Inc. is engaged in the production of carbon
nanotubes for a variety of applications within
the commercial and military markets. They have
established methods to produce carbon nanotubes
(CNTs) at high yields and purity. Atom researches,
develops, and commercializes carbon nanotube (CNT)
based organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and
active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) technologies for use
in flat-panel displays, solid-state lighting, and other
electronic products. Atom’s new technology is a lowcost,
scalable solution that competes favorably against
current semiconducting electronics both in terms of
production costs and available technology.
Atom, Inc. is interested in understanding the market
opportunity for biometric sensors that can measure
various biomarkers including creatine, glucose, etc.,
and biometrics like body temperature, blood pressure,
and heart rate. The company would like the TMP
team to investigate the global market for CNT based
sensors and to recommend appropriate opportunities
to pursue. Atom, Inc.’s ultimate goal is to improve
the health outcomes of patients by using their carbon
nanotube biosensor technology to increase sensitivity
and improve the specificity of important biological
The Atom, Inc. TMP Team evaluated various disease
states and their respective markets to assess unmet
clinical need within the diagnostic arena. To achieve
this objective, the team focused on the provider
pathway, the market size, the competitive landscape,
and the health outcomes of each opportunity. In
addition, our TMP group utilized a combination of
primary and secondary research to provide a final
recommendation to Atom, Inc. With support and input
from the Atom Nanoelectronics executive board, our
TMP team created a commercialization strategy which
allows Atom, Inc. to enter the medical diagnostic