Year: 2022-23

Company: Genofax

Liaison(s): Abed Chaudhury, Rashedul Islam

Genofax is an Australia-based startup company, founded in 2021, focused on utilizing the gut microbiome for personalized health management, with artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the last decade, studies have increasingly underscored the impact of the gut microbiome on health outcomes. The company is currently working on a medical device application that can help people better evaluate their own gut microbiomes. These goals will be facilitated by connecting clients to healthcare professionals for dietary and lifestyle advice based on an evaluation of their individualized gut microbiome status. A significant fraction of Genofax’s client-base constitutes ethnic populations that have been less well studied for personalized health related goals.

The KGI TMP team is analyzing requirements for regulatory approval for a medical device associated with this capability, and in assisting with the submission for approval to various regulatory agencies in different countries where Genofax has significant potential for developing its targeted client base. Genofax is also working on developing a proof of concept for establishing the relationship between a probiotic entity and client health, through laboratory experiments and computational biology. This TMP is working on a laboratory process to improve productization of this probiotic entity. Computational biology approaches are engaged to understand the molecular genetic basis of the interaction between this probiotic entity and human physiology. A stretch goal of this TMP is to develop a clinical trial design for a future Genofax product.