Year: 2021-22

Company: AstraZeneca

Liaison(s): Pranav Patel, Steven Sachar, Matthew Barr

AstraZeneca is a leading biopharmaceutical company with locations across the globe providing both clinical discovery and commercial scale production of various life changing pharmaceuticals. Through decades of growth and market success, millions of patients worldwide utilize their innovative medicines. In 2020, AstraZeneca had a 70,000+ workforce and produced $25.9 billion in sales. The Biologics Manufacturing Center in Frederick, MD primarily focuses on commercial manufacturing of company products on both a large and small scale. AstraZeneca has noted operational stress being placed on their supply chain due to warehouse storage capacity. In order to optimize their warehouse capabilities, they directed our TMP team to identify areas for improvement through the expansion of existing technologies. Our KGI TMP team was tasked with selecting opportunities presented by AstraZeneca to better protect their supply chain and improve warehouse operations. To accomplish this, the KGI Team traveled to the Frederick site to assess the situation and identify where rapid impact could be realized. Two major projects arose from the site visit. The first being the creation of a reverse logistics solution for asset tracking that operates both on-site and externally to limit potential asset loss. The second being an evaluation of materials handling from warehouse to manufacturing with reduction of manual events and optimized digital reporting. Completion of these projects will provide AstraZeneca with solutions to better monitor assets and material management with potential application across multiple sites globally.