Year: 2022-23

Company: BioMarin

Liaison(s): Jeanette Motzer

BioMarin Pharmaceutical is a mid-size pharmaceutical firm dedicated to the development of therapies for rare genetic diseases. Headquartered in San Rafael, CA with in-house manufacturing capabilities in Novato, CA and Shanbally, Ireland, BioMarin currently has seven approved therapies utilizing various mechanisms, such as enzyme replacement therapy. With continued and rapid growth, as well as the initiation of a significant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Transformation project, a concerted focus has been placed on master data. This project was focused on improving and enriching the quality, management, and use of master data, essential for all aspects of bio-pharmaceutical production operations. Industry best practices, end-user input, and quantified analysis of current technical operations at manufacturing plants offer valuable insights to BioMarin as the company streamlines processes and improves operational efficiency. The BioMarin TMP team provided insights by engaging in iterative projects and frequent, direct interaction with BioMarin Technical Operations employees to fulfill the TMP goal of improving BioMarin’s master data standards. The team deconstructed manufacturing recipes to develop a matrix of operating steps that can be rapidly deployed, as an example of tasks that must take place prior to the technological transition. The TMP partnership will prepare BioMarin to produce treatments for rare genetic diseases in a more efficient and technologically advanced manner to expand the firm’s capabilities in providing therapies to patients with demonstrably unmet needs.