Year: 2020-21

Company: Gilead Sciences

Liaison(s): Thomas Upton

Founded in 1987, Gilead Sciences is an American pharmaceutical company based out of Foster City, California with an emphasis on medical innovation for life-threatening diseases. As one of the largest national pharmaceutical companies, Gilead specifically focuses on antiviral products and is well known for its role in developing Remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19.

Among their various functional departments, Technical Services strives to provide analytical, formulation, process development and manufacturing support to greater Gilead. However, much of Technical Services’ capabilities have been underutilized by external Gilead functional groups. To improve outreach, increase awareness, and maximize utilization of their services and capabilities, Technical Services would like to implement recent workplace efficiency applications to communicate value and offerings outside of their normal reach, as well as improve communication and information sharing within the Technical Services department’s various project teams.

The Gilead TMP team was tasked with developing, functionalizing, and rolling out various digital platforms to improve communication across both the internal Technical Services department and Gilead externally. To complete this objective, the Gilead TMP team created platforms on various Microsoft applications including SharePoint and Teams to assist in modernizing the Technical Services’ communication tools. Additionally, an engagement strategy leveraging Gilead’s networks was developed to connect with the greater Gilead communities and increase awareness of Technical Services offerings. Completion of this project will enable complete utilization of Technical Services’ capabilities by external Gilead functional groups and improve data-sharing within the Technical Services team.