Year: 2014-15

Company: Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Liaison(s): Philips Kuhl

Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) is a national
leader in supplying educational services to
professionals in the life science industry. Founded
in 1992, CHI has developed an extensive portfolio
of educational resources for current life science
professionals as well as individuals starting or seeking
a career in the life science industry. CHI strives to
utilize their diverse product portfolio to provide
valuable insights to professionals working to discover
and develop therapeutic and diagnostic products,
as well as to provide a network for the discussion
of biopharmaceutical strategy and technological
advancements to industry executives.
Cambridge Healthtech Institute has a wealth of
content at their disposal, which unfortunately, is only
disseminated to a small population of those who could
benefit from it. Due to KGI’s position as the preeminent
accredited graduate institution for educating the future
leaders of the life science industry, CHI feels that there
is potential to develop a partnership with KGI, thereby
allowing each institution to expand the markets in
which they serve. However, prior to entering into
such an alliance, CHI would like to investigate the
various embodiments of a partnership to determine the
potential market opportunities that such a situation
could present.
The CHI TMP team was recruited to investigate the
current market for educational services across the
life science industry as a means of defining industry
segments in high demand for educational and training
services. Similarly, it was imperative to focus on areas
of practice that both institutions had complementary
expertise based on their resources and markets served.
Through classifying the demand and the institutions
respective markets, the CHI TMP team sought to
develop products (curriculum) that would satisfy
the needs of each partners adjacent markets (market
gaps). Furthermore, the CHI TMP team quantified
these market opportunities in order to demonstrate the
potential revenue that could be generated from this
partnership. Following the completion of this project,
CHI and KGI will be able to conclude whether the
proposed new products satisfy their internal criteria for
establishing a business alliance, thus allowing for a redistribution
of the abundant educational resources held
by each institution.