Year: 2015-16

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Liaison(s): Jason Kim Sarab Khandpur Priya Rangaraj

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (TFS) is a global
leading provider of laboratory equipment, reagents,
consumables, software, and services for research,
manufacturing, quality control, and clinical
diagnostics, with annual revenues of $17 billion USD
and approximately 50,000 employees worldwide.
TFS has a comprehensive portfolio of protein gel
electrophoresis products, including gels, gel tanks,
stains, ladders, staining devices, and power supplies.
These products enable researchers to separate proteins
prior to performing downstream detection or analysis.
There is a need for new and better products to meet
customer needs, preferences, and changing market
The goals for this Team Masters Project (TMP)
included: (1) understanding customer satisfaction,
needs, and purchasing behavior for protein gel
electrophoresis in order to guide future product
development initiatives; and (2) recommending
customer loyalty and retention programs (monetary
and non-monetary) that resonate with end users.
The KGI team conducted secondary and primary
market research via surveys and interviews to address
the goals highlighted above. The results of this TMP
will support Thermo Fisher Scientific in product
development and positioning efforts.