Year: 2022-23

Company: Gilead

Liaison(s): YenRu Pan, Steven Chung, Sabaha Khakoo, Shobhit Patoria, Michael Hernandez, Andy Ho

Gilead Sciences is a global biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and commercializes therapeutics that advance patient care. The Oceanside Biologics site develops and manufactures therapeutic biologics. As the Gilead Oceanside site continues to grow both in size and the quantum of work, it has become imperative to increase the efficiency with which routine lab operations are managed; specifically for samples, reagents and lab assets. These operations are currently siloed from one another, and thus our TMP will focus on the possibility of integration or strategies to maximize productivity if used separately. Gilead hopes to increase visibility, flexibility, and communication between its different departments and increase the overall efficiency of the Oceanside site.

The TMP team was tasked with identifying pain points for the current workflow and evaluating internal and external options for improving the workflow efficiency. Specifically, the TMP team is focused on identifying strategies to maximize the efficiency from the current systems Gilead utilizes or conduct market research to determine a supplemental software to act as an integration platform for the existing systems. To accomplish this objective, the TMP team communicated with key internal stakeholders via interviews and surveys to better understand how the different management systems are used. Additionally, the TMP team consulted with external sources to identify opportunities to enhance the use and potential of the current systems. Completion of this project will provide the Oceanside site with important information on what an ideal integrated and/or efficient system would resemble as well as recommendations on implementation strategies.