Year: 2004-05

Company: HealthIQ

Liaison(s): Tony Page

As a leading provider of competitive intelligence to the pharmaceutical industry, HealthIQ is often faced with the dilemma that clients do not dedicate sufficient resources to tracking long-term strategic threats. Without adequate early warning intelligence, clients are often surprised by unforeseen technological developments and may miss out on opportunities. As part of ongoing strategic intelligence support to clients, HealthIQ is currently developing early warning programs to map emerging technologies in two therapeutic areas: early-stage compounds and diagnostics. The KGI team working with HealthIQ has developed a comprehensive understanding of key technologies in each of the selected area and has made projections of the likely future impact of these technologies on pharmaceutical markets. For early-stage compounds, the research team has mapped the product landscape (including pre-clinical approaches), prioritized those of greatest interest and developed profiles of the compounds of interest. A complementary effort involved identifying key research centers and thought leaders. The research team’s work on diagnostics explored novel serological assays, cellular and histological assays, molecular and genetic assays, and imaging technologies, as well as the emerging area of theranostics—linking therapies and diagnostics.