Year: 2021-22

Company: Sangamo

Liaison(s): Tony Cano

Sangamo Therapeutics, founded in 1995, is a genomic medicine company aiming to transform patients’ lives. Sangamo is one of the few companies that focuses on applying groundbreaking science into the field of genomics to eliminate frequent, life-long treatment for patients and their families affected by rare and severe diseases with high unmet needs.

Sangamo currently has a gene and cell therapy close to global commercialization and needs to establish an efficient supply chain. Based on market forecasts, Sangamo aims to determine which supply chain plan between Made to Order (MTO) and Made to Stock (MTS) is best for the benefit of their company and for the end-users.

The Sangamo TMP team was tasked with conducting a supply chain analysis which defines the activities of both the MTO and MTS models and assesses their operational and financial implications. Through primary stakeholder interviews, secondary research, value stream mapping, and financial modeling, the team developed models incorporating aspects of packaging, labeling, storage, inventory, and global distribution based on commercial forecasts. Furthermore, a dashboard tool was created to enable a sensitivity analysis for various market sizes. Completion of this project has provided Sangamo with a recommendation of a supply chain model for global commercialization of their gene and cell therapy and a versatile tool that can be used across programs.