Year: 2015-16

Company: WuXi Biologics

Liaison(s): Steve Farmer

WuXi Biologics Ltd., originally established in 2009
as a WuXi AppTec operating division, is now a
wholly owned subsidiary of WuXi PharmaTech, Inc.
Wuxi Biologics is the world’s single source provider
from drug discovery through manufacturing of bulk
drug substance and release of final drug product.
By using a single vendor, clients are able to track
accountability and streamline their workflow. WuXi
Biologics has operating divisions in Shanghai, WuXi
City, and Suzhou, China. Its parent company, WuXi
PharmaTech, was established in 2000 and now has
10,000 employees globally, generating revenues greater
than 750 million USD.
The WuXi Biologics sales and marketing team charged
the KGI Team Master’s Project team with design of a
market research survey. WuXi Biologics was interested
in assessing its market perception within different
geographic regions of interest. Based on the results
of the market research survey, WuXi Biologics also
tasked the students with outlining an actionable and
implementable strategy in order to increase revenues in
major territories.
The KGI students created a detailed market research
survey under the guidance of the WuXi Biologics
corporate liaison. The survey, email blast strategy,
and data analysis were optimized in order to ensure
that useful information was obtained for WuXi
Biologics. The team was successful in obtaining over
500 complete responses, meeting the initial target
goal. Through data analysis, the students were
able to discern the perception of WuXi Biologics
within the industry. The team then devised strategic
recommendations for WuXi Biologics to increase
customer retention and overall revenue.