Year: 2005-06

Company: Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Liaison(s): Chris Rhodes

Amylin Pharmaceuticals currently has two drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of diabetes mellitus: Symlin® and Byetta®. The KGI team working with Amylin was involved in the development of a Symlin® line extension strategy based upon possible drug delivery options. This line extension would be a varation of the existing product, but offer additional benefit due to increased convenience of administration. The project required a technical assessment of available delivery options and an investigation of the clinical and regulatory requirements associated with each of these options. These technical and regulatory assessments formed the basis for prioritization of 3 AMYLIN PHARMACEUTICALS Sponsor Liaison: Chris Rhodes Faculty Advisor: Karen Moynihan viable business opportunities and value addition for Amylin, as well as other stakeholders, including patients, physicians and payers. The resulting options were ranked on the basis of a financial model, constructed by the team. A qualitative analysis, addressing technical, clinical & regulatory, and marketing considerations for each opportunity, was also provided. Taken together, the quantitative and qualitative analyses were used to create a commercialization strategy for future Symlin® line extension opportunities, that was presented to Amylin as the final deliverable for the TMP project.