Year: 2022-23

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Liaison(s): Amaya Wittmaack, Anusha Janardhana, Darwin Asa

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading supplier of life sciences solutions, analytical instruments, specialty diagnostics, and laboratory products and services worldwide. Thermo Fisher’s Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (NATx) division offers mRNA-based therapeutics or vaccines and synthetic oligonucleotide therapeutics, critical for manufacturing therapeutics and vaccines. NATx offers Research Use Only (RUO) products for use in target development and early research phase, and Therapure GMP products for clinical development and manufacturing stages of the vaccines and therapeutics. Therapure GMP products promise a high commitment to quality standards by adhering to ICH Q7 guidelines, animal origin-free manufacturing processes and raw materials, quality standards, and documentation processes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific NATx is seeking to understand how they are performing from a customer’s point of view. To this end, Thermo Fisher Scientific NATx TMP was tasked with conducting an in-depth Voice of Customer study, to assess current pain points for NATx customers in terms of 3 key metrics: product performance, product quality, and customer service. Additionally, the KGI team is responsible for documenting and reporting on the customer journey. To accomplish this, the Thermo Fisher NATx TMP coordinated with expert networks to source mRNA raw material procurement experts to conduct 15+ expert interviews and 50+ customer interviews. Additionally, the TMP created customer profiles representative of typical NATx customers to assess the Thermo Fisher Scientific NATx customer service process as “trojan horses”. The interviews completed were synthesized into interim readouts to NATx stakeholders, culminating with a final report and presentation readout to summarize key findings and recommendations.