International Blog: July 9, 2018

I’m officially a month old in Bio-Rad right now! It feels real fast, doesn’t it? I had a couple of fun events at work. We had our first intern social event which was fantastic. It was a nice lunch up on the hill and it felt great to be outdoors and to hear the different projects the other interns were working on. I also got to meet Simon May, who is the Senior Vice President of Commercial development here in Bio-Rad and it went really well. I was really lucky that I got a chance to interact with such amazing people, and had a chance to ask all the burning questions I had in mind. We also had a cute cupcake birthday celebration for one of the members in our team here which was a lot of fun.

Back home, I actually had an amazing time with my roommates and we checked out a few places in Berkeley. We went to the Berkeley Rose garden and a place called Indian Rock. The coolest part was that one of my roommates is actually a great photographer, so we had a real fun photoshoot and got some beautiful pictures taken :). Stay tuned for my Instagram update to check those out! Loads of fun stuff coming up next weekend and I can’t wait to explore the city and keep learning everyday!

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