Beaker Bee

Introducing KGI’s Mascot: “Beaker Bee”

Welcome to our Hive!


There is a new face on campus generating much buzz: Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) is proud to introduce its brand-new mascot, Beaker Bee!

In the 25-year history of the Institute, the school has never had an officially recognized mascot, so in conjunction with KGI’s 25th Anniversary, the leadership team determined that now is the right time to introduce a mascot.

Beaker Bee will serve as a unifying symbol for KGI and will build enthusiasm and campus spirit. Beaker was chosen after a two-month process that included more than 80 idea submissions from the KGI community and multiple focus groups.

Cooperative and hard-working, Beaker represents the culture and values at KGI. Bees exhibit teamwork, and, although small, bees are immensely mighty—just like KGI students and alumni. Finally, bees create the hexagon in nature, which perfectly aligns with KGI’s logo.

Beaker’s Hive Rules:

  • Bee innovative
  • Bee creative
  • Bee collaborative
  • Bee entrepreneurial
  • Bee diverse
  • Bee involved
  • Bee ethical
  • Bee accountable
  • Bee professional
  • Bee engaged
  • Bee inclusive
  • Bee giving

Beaker’s design elements are representative of KGI’s story:

  • Hexagon-shaped glasses
  • Bowtie (in honor of KGI Founding President, Henry E. “Hank” Riggs, who often wore bowties)
  • KGI colors of navy, aqua, and red

To represent all of KGI’s varied degree and certificate programs within healthcare and the applied life sciences, Beaker may be posed with additional props that might include:

  • Briefcase (business/industry programs focused)
  • Stethoscope (medical/healthcare programs focused)
  • Lab coat (research/laboratory programs focused)

Beaker apparel and swag will be available in the coming months.

View and download all of Beaker Bee’s poses