PhD Student Tristan Yang - Graduate Student Literature Seminar-"Exploring the Gut Microbiome and Gout" - Keck Graduate Institute May 24, 2023, 12:00 pm Skip to main content
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Please join us for PhD Student, Tristan Yang’s PhD Graduate Student Literature Seminar on  “Exploring the Gut Microbiome and Gout”

Incidents of gout have expanded worldwide with the increased intake of high protein food in many societies. Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis characterized by recurrent episodes of intense joint pain, swelling, and stiffness caused by the deposition of uric acid crystals. It is one of the risk factors for hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Gout is associated with a disorder in purine metabolism and the result of hyperuricemia, which is elevated levels of blood uric acid. Uric acid is mainly discharged through the kidneys, but the remaining amounts are excreted in the intestines. There has been an emergence of interest in studying the gut microbiome and its role in the pathogenesis of gout. There is evidence that shows that the gut microbiota and its metabolites may play a role in the regulation of a series of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, including gout. This talk will review effects of alterations in the gut microbiome on the development of hyperuricemia and gout and highlight the recent studies associated with this topic. Furthermore, we will discuss a plan to utilize Graph Neural Networks to analyze and model the microbiome community structure and its correlation with gout development.

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Time:  12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Location:  Via Zoom (See Outlook invite/Student Affairs Monday Newsletter)