International Blog: September 24, 2018

Hello KGI peeps! Hope the week has been fun. How was your very first informational session with Edward LifeSciences? I heard it went great and they had some great internship offers and full-time rotational positions as well. For those of you who couldn’t attend it, there are still plenty of events on-campus that are lined up; however, make sure you always follow up with someone who did make it to the event. They say little things make a difference, right? I always reached out to the people who came for the event either through LinkedIn or by sending them a quick ‘Thank you’ email right after the session completed. It definitely makes a difference and you stand out compared to the rest of the crowd when you make an effort to reach out.

That’s the difference between a normal graduate student and a Keck Graduate Institute student. Each of these informational sessions and networking events will definitely sharpen your soft skills and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you are able to strike up a conversation with the top leaders from the industry with ease.

Another really cool thing that’s happening this week with me is that I am super happy about working for Angela as a graduate assistant for Career Services this year. It’s a new position and I am really happy to be experimenting with some new projects and helping out students as much as I can. I remember I had the best mentors from my second year and I can’t wait to be the same for you guys! That’s all from my end folks. Just trying to catch up to speed with my classes. Are we into the fourth week now? Happy 1-month KGI peeps!

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