alumni Raquel Mobley Scholarship Navy Dentist

MSCM Graduate Raquel Mobley Receives Health Professions Scholarship from the U.S. Navy, Committing to 4 Years of Service as a Navy Officer and Dentist

Raquel Mobley, a 2023 graduate of Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)’s inaugural Master of Science in Community Medicine (MSCM) program, was recently commissioned into the U.S. Navy as part of the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). The scholarship will fund her full, four-year tuition at Loma Linda University (LLU)’s School of Dentistry, which she will start attending in the fall.

Additionally, the scholarship will cover her books and supplies, and she will receive a monthly stipend. In return, she will commit to four years of service in the Navy. This involves serving as a naval base dentist as well as an officer.

First, she will attend an Officer Development School, where she will be trained in the skills necessary to become a military leader. This will occur after her second and third years of dental school, where she will perform a 45-day active-duty tour.

Otherwise, she is considered an inactive member of the dental school. Once she graduates, she will immediately step in as a lieutenant.

“This opportunity is an exciting jumping-off point for my career,” Mobley said. “It’s been a learning process.”

She learned about the scholarship as a high-school student when she first became interested in pursuing dentistry. Two of her family members had served in the military—her grandfather as an Army Ranger and her father in the Navy Reserves. The more she learned about the scholarship, the more she became intrigued.

“I know quite a few dental and other medical students who have no military background but are pursuing the scholarship, and many of them said that it is an invaluable experience regardless of whether you come from a military background,” Mobley said. “Some said that it helped them become better health professionals and leaders.”

As a Navy dentist, she has many potential opportunities, including managing a clinic or setting up new national and abroad clinics, which involves overseeing large groups of people. Mobley said, 

“I will serve as a leader, mentor, and role model for other members of the Navy and their families, speaking to these individuals and setting a good example.” 

Mobley feels that her experience in KGI’s MSCM program was instrumental in helping her prepare for this new leadership opportunity.

“The Motivation, Change, and Leadership class initially attracted me to the program,” Mobley said. “I figured my leadership capabilities would grow, but I also wanted to know more about specifically translating those lessons to healthcare. I was not disappointed that the curriculum developed my understanding of leadership theories and how to effect change in patients and organizations.”

Additionally, she feels that the support she received from the faculty and the professionalism gained through her experience in the program enabled her to strengthen her HPSP application.

“I am very grateful to have received this scholarship, which will allow me to focus on getting the most out of dental school without worrying about expenses,” Mobley said.

Looking to the future, she is excited to serve as a military leader while contributing to her dental services.

“Now I can fulfill what has been a longtime dream of mine,” Mobley said.