What if we could improve health and decrease the burdens of illness in the communities that need it the most? What if we could offer students from these diverse communities an education at a lower cost than traditional models? What if we could create new opportunities for students to become the healthcare providers our society needs?

What if we already are… at Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) in Claremont, CA, we are transforming the future of healthcare.

Our Master of Science in Community Medicine (MSCM) program is revolutionizing how we educate future physicians, healthcare providers, and health professionals in the sciences and technologies that matter today—and are already changing how healthcare will be provided tomorrow.

Graduates of KGI’s two-year online program become qualified leaders in community medicine who go on to careers in healthcare and clinical settings. Graduates gain the skills to engage their communities, foster strong positive relationships, and understand their health priorities.

KGI is changing the future of healthcare today for a better tomorrow. 

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Program Quick Facts

Program length
It takes four semesters (two years) to complete the MSCM program.
Full or part-time program
The MSCM program is a full-time program with a capstone experience.
Online or in-person classes
All courses are taught online, asynchronously.
Capstone requirements
Students participate in a capstone project in their second year.
Curriculum paths
Electives are offered based on whether the student wants to pursue employment following graduation or continue onto medical school/health provider programs.

MSCM Program Details

  • The two-year online Master of Science in Community Medicine program prepares community medicine practitioners and leaders who work in underserved and underrepresented communities for careers devoted to improving health, preventing illness and injury, and detecting treatable medical conditions early enough to avoid premature death and unnecessary poor health.

    Students are skilled as Advanced Community Medicine Practitioners to work in community clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), public health departments, healthcare systems, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and industries that serve those communities. Students will obtain specific mastery in healthcare problem identification, healthcare problem response, and healthcare systems management.

    The MSCM degree is geared toward those interested in social work or a master’s degree is social work (MSW), as well as a public health degree or master’s in public health (MPH).

  • All courses are taught online, asynchronously, to increase access to the program from anywhere in the world. Because it is online, students are able to work in their communities during their capstone community experience and gain flexibility due to personal or professional obligations.

    Learn more about the curriculum.

  • Students identify an appropriate community setting or select from one provided by the MSCM program to serve as the student’s hands-on learning “laboratory” during their second year of matriculation.

  • After graduating with an MSCM degree, students are qualified to enter the workforce directly or seek further training as physicians or other health professionals. While salaries may vary, the average starting salary in California is approximately $84,000. Learn more.

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"It’s great to be surrounded by so many inspirational, highly motivated, like-minded individuals. That’s my favorite part of the program—being amongst stellar scholars."
Karina Quiroz
KGI Student
Master of Science in Community Medicine, '23

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