The two-year online Master of Science in Community Medicine (MSCM) program at Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) in Claremont, CA will prepare leaders in community medicine and future healthcare providers. MSCM graduates will gain the skills to engage communities, foster strong positive relationships, and understand their health priorities. Additionally, graduates will empower communities to increase accessibility and utilization of quality health interventions and programming.

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Online Classes

All courses will be taught online to increase access to the program from anywhere in the country. Because it is online, students will be able to work in their communities during their capstone community experience.

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Community-Based Learning

Students identify an appropriate community setting or select from one provided by the MSCM program to serve as the student’s hands-on learning “laboratory” during their second year of matriculation.

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Job Readiness

Graduates will be qualified to work in community medicine immediately, or be prepared to pursue medical school or other advanced healthcare professions.

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