The Team Master’s Project at KGI provides an opportunity for your company to tackle real-life needs and help address corporate objectives without having to invest in additional manpower. Think you’re ready to start a TMP? First think about these questions: 

  1. What’s the shorthand title for the project? (For example, “redesign XYZ drug syringe”).
  2. Describe the problem that needs to be solved or the opportunity that you have identified. (For example, need to transform sponsor proprietary technology into a commercial assay kit as well as explore partnering opportunities for kit production).
  3. Describe your goal for the project. (For example, to have lab data about the efficacy of a new HTS assay for a certain drug target).

Watch our case study from Gilead Sciences to hear first-hand why you should start a TMP at KGI!

"The resources we were able to gather from the students—and the market research in particular—was useful not only for just this project, but going forward for other things that we may need to use it for."
Mark Festini
Electrical Engineer at Analytik Jena

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