The two-year online Master of Science in Community Medicine program will prepare community medicine practitioners and leaders who work in underserved and underrepresented communities for careers devoted to improving health, preventing illness and injury, and detecting treatable medical conditions early enough to avoid premature death and unnecessary poor health.

The focus of the Capstone experience is to provide students with hands-on learning on building relationships and deepening understanding of communities. Students will learn tools for assessing a community’s social contexts, health concerns and problems, and the “upstream” causes of concerns and problems. The focus is to select a specific community, one specific upstream cause, and either organize a program to address that concern or join a program in the community already underway and use what they have learned to improve it.


park tree logo

Park Tree Community Health Center
1556 S. Sultana Ave., Ontario, CA 91761
Capstone Project: Improving Vaccination Rates and Well-Child Visit Attendance for Pediatric Patients Aged 0-2.5 Years

nuestra cultura cura logo

Nuestra Cultura Cura Initiative La Plaza
850 W 9th St., Santa Rosa, CA
Capstone Project: This capstone project aims to increase the knowledge of preventative care for Type 2 diabetes and self-management skills for those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

cdu logo

Charles Drew Street Medicine Mobile Clinic
Capstone Project:Collaboration with Charles Drew University Street Medicine Team

helping hand outreach logo

Helping Hands Outreach Clinic
Conyers, GA
Capstone Project: Reducing the Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes in the Latinx Community

claremont colleges health service logo

Claremont Colleges Health Center
Students: Karina Quiroz and Raquel Mobley
Capstone Project: Oral Health Initiative (OHI) at the 7Cs

altamed logo

AltaMed Youth Services
Los Angeles, CA
Capstone Project: Adverse Childhood Experiences

project more logo

Project MORE
Santa Clara, CA
Capstone Project: Reducing the spread of infectious disease among young adults of the LGBTQ+ community in the Bay Area of Northern California

cdu logo

Charles Drew University of Medicine Student Health and Wellness Center
Capstone Project: The Holistic Care and Support to Promote Student Wellness Intervention

san joaquin county public health services logo

San Joaquin County Public Health Services
Perinatal Equity Initiative (PEI)
Capstone Project: Maternal and Infant health outcomes in San Joaquin County, CA.

alameda health consortium logo

Alameda Health Consortium
Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
Capstone Project: Maternal Mental Health Needs Outcomes in Alameda County

san joaquin logo

San Joaquin Valley Free Medical Clinic & Needle Exchange
Fresno, CA
Capstone Project: Expanding Community Assistance and Support

pomona valley

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Capstone Project: Creating Social Networks to Help Patients Manage Diabetes

nashi logo

Capstone Project: Independent Community Health Board: Nashi
Nashi is an independent health board focusing on immigrants from countries of the former Soviet Union and Ukrainian refugees dedicated to facilitating and coordinating community outreach events in order to improve trust in health initiatives and vaccination.

sanitas medical center logo

Sanitas Medical Center
Union City, NJ
Capstone Project: Needs assessment on Sanitas Food Pilot Program to address unhealthy eating behaviors and lack of access to healthier foods amongst patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM).

black infant health logo

Black Infant Health
San Diego, CA
Capstone Project: Assessment of Pregnant and expecting Black women in San Diego

california department public health logo

Perinatal Equity Initiative (PEI)
Stockton, CA
Capstone Project: Raising awareness and evaluating PEI’s intervention programs designed to address Black/African American and infant health outcomes.

roberta bains wheeler pulmonary logo

Roberta Bains-Wheeler Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Group
Nashville, TN
Capstone Project: Capturing the voice of change: A multi-media approach to Advocacy at the Roberta Baines-Wheeler Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Group

naval medical center portsmouth logo

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
Portsmouth, VA
Capstone Project: Hearing Conservation Knowledge: Implementing Protective Measures to Prevent Noise- Induced Hearing Loss